ex-Kilifi South MP Mustafa Iddi accused of mismanaging water agency

Mustafa IddiFormer Kilifi south MP Mustafa Iddi (centre)

A rights group has moved to court seeking to compel Coast Water Works Development Agency Chairman Mustafa Iddi stopped from discharging his mandate.

The Commission for Human Rights and Justice accused Iddi of conflict of interest which will hinder him from effectively making crucial management decisions.

The matter was filed on Monday under urgency through lawyer Maurice Mkan.

In the suit papers, CHRJ executive director Julius Ogogoh claimed public funds are being siphoned out of public coffers through gross mismanagement orchestrated by Iddi.

He said the public stands to suffer economic loss due to the financial mismanagement of the fund at the Coast Water Works Development Agency.

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In a notice of motion, Ogogoh wants the State Corporation Advisory Committee and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission ordered to commence investigations against Iddi, who is a former Kilifi South MP.

Ogogoh, in the court papers, claims Iddi and Amina Mnyazi, also of CWWDA board member, made false mileage claims.

The two were appointed to their positions on February 8, last year by the Water and Sanitation CS for a three-year term.

Ogogoh, in the suit papers, claimed Iddi and Mnyazi got married and are now living as husband and wife.

He states that Iddi’s personal vehicle is now in the custody of Mnyazi, but they both use it to draw payment in mileage claims from CWWDA.

Ogogoh states that the two have already been provided with official cars thus cannot draw such mileage claims on any other personal vehicle.

“As a consequence of the said marriage between Iddi and Mnyazi, Iddi cannot without impropriety and public trust preside over board meetings and make impartial decisions which are above the test of leadership and integrity as there is a conflict of interest between his family interest and public interest at the board,” states Ogogoh in his notice of motion on June 30.

Stephen Sanga Barawah, a businessman operating in Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale counties, in a signed affidavit, said he has known Iddi for more than 12 years and that he is married to Mnyazi and they have a baby girl together.

They both reside at Kanamai in Kikambala, Kilifi county.

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