Msambweni by-election, winners and losers

Msambweni by-election

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya is steadily becoming the king of politics of reasoning in the Coast region.

He emerged as the biggest winner in the just concluded Msambweni by-election where the independent candidate Feisal Bader was declared the winner.

Bader floored ODM’s Omar Boga with 15, 251 Votes to 10, 444 votes.

Without throwing tantrums, managed to wrestle Mombasa’s Hassan Joho and Kilifi’s Amason Kingi.

With resilience, Mvurya crowed in his backyard and the residents heeded his call and gave Bader a resounding win.

Mvurya capitalized on his scorecard to woo residents to vote for Bader.

Omar Mwakumanya, a Msambweni resident confided to Jumuiya news that the two governors lack the audacity to wrestle Mvurya in his home ground.

“People here are looking for a focused leader. In terms of development Joho and Kingi cannot match Mvurya so for them to come and lecture us on development yet they have done nothing in their counties is a mockery of the highest order,” said Mwakumanya

Mvurya has endeared himself to the residents by taking services to the lowest unit of development.

“Mvurya is a lone ranger. He broke ranks with ODM and decided to work with the people, unlike the two governors. It is sad to note that seven years of devolution and Kilifi is referring patients to Msambweni for ICU services yet Kilifi county gets a higher revenue allocation than Kwale county,” added Mwakumanya

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As much as Deputy President William Ruto had a hand in Bader’s win, Mvurya takes the credit.

The losers

Unlike ODM’s Raila Odinga, Ruto did not set foot in Msambweni but the groundwork was done by his lieutenants under the command of Mvurya.

Where there is a winner, there must be a looser.

In the Msambweni by-election, coast people emerged as the losers.

It is sad to note that the region still depends on external political forces to win an election.

It is not news that the Msambweni political campaigns were financed by political leaders from outside the region.

Coast is still reeling in politics of dependence.

Though Bader ran as an independent candidate, he was supported by political parties from outside the region.

His campaign vehicles had DP Ruto’s portrait.

The Coast region’s politics is not about policies but Raila and Ruto.

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