MP wants all land matters devolved


Kilifi South MP Ken Chonga is finalizing on a motion to be tabled in the National Assembly to fully devolve the management of land to Counties in a bid to address historical land injustices.

Speaking in Kilifi town on Thursday, Chonga faulted the Ministry of land and the National Land Commission for failing to resolve land woes that have subjected thousands of locals to humiliation from their ancestral land.

This comes as thousands of locals stare at evictions in Kilifi North and South Constituencies after alleged owners resurfaced demanding their land.

 “As long as matters on land disputes are being handled in Nairobi we will still experience all these evictions. Most people who claim land are grabbers who have processed title deeds in Nairobi and they do not know the location of the land,” said Chonga.

He added that cases of absentee landlords where an individual resurfaces demanding land that belongs to locals must stop.

Under the Constitution county governments are in charge of county planning, land survey and mapping within their jurisdictions.

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The MP called upon the Coast leadership to come together and address the historical land injustices by calling for changes on how land matters are being tackles by the government.

“As leaders we can do everything for our people but the main issues that we must focus are land matters which touch directly to the people back in the community. If not generations   will suffer as squatters forever,” said Chonga.

Chonga said Kilifi South Constituency is one of the areas in the County prone to evictions with locals being left landless.

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 He said he will not accept more than 50,000 people from   Kaole, Makata and Dindiri in Chonyi Sub County to be evicted after a tycoon surfaced claiming ownership of 7,776 acres.

“This man claims that the land belongs to his grandfather but he has documents to proof that. We are going to follow the due legal procedure to ensure that our people are not frustrated and they are living in peace. Where will we go? There is no other that these locals will call home,” he said.

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