MP Baya challenges County on branding


Kilifi north Member of Parliament Owen Baya has challenged the county government of Kilifi to market Coconut virgin oil from the county as a brand.

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Baya expressed concerns that the county is losing a lot of revenue by selling coconut to Tanzanian traders who do value addition in their country.

The MP said virgin coconut oil is in high demand in the European market.

“Kilifi has the best virgin oil and we have companies in the US that are looking for virgin oil specifically from Kilifi due to its quality. Companies like L’Oréal Group have a higher demand of coconut virgin oil because they want natural products in processing their various beauty products,” said Baya.

He said Branding and marketing are aspects the county can explore very well.

He urged the county assembly of Kilifi to pass legislation that will compel all products from the county branded ‘Made in Kilifi’

Some of the products from the county include coconut virgin oil, cassava flour, chillie sauce and raw salt.

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