Mombasa youth call for a unifying BBI report

BBI reportMombasa youth leader activist Ibrahim Jey

A section of activists in Mombasa county have pledged to embrace the Building Bridges Initiative BBI report should it address youth matters.

According to the lobbyists, youth form the larger part of the Kenyan population and there is need to factor in their concerns.

Speaking to the journalists in Mombasa on Tuesday, Mombasa Youth Activist Ibrahim Jey said he will only embrace the report that will unite Kenyans and not catalyse division.

Tunataka BBI inayotoa nafasi kwa viajana na haitakuwa na maana kama ripoti hiyo haitawaunganisha wakenya. Which loosely translates to “We want a BBI that will factor in youth concerns. It will be a futile document if it does not unite Kenyans,” said the activist.

He further asked politicians to avoid hyping the political mood by fuelling political hatred amongst Kenyans

He instead wants the political elites to focus more on their development agenda rather than engaging in early 2022 campaigns.

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“Peace is paramount. We want to see our leaders concentrating on development and not early campaigns,” said Jey.

On the issue of the Buxton Housing project Ibrahim says he will only support the initiative if it aims at bringing a positive change to the community.

He notes that those behind the project should keep their personal interests at bay.

Meanwhile, a human rights defender who spoke on condition of anonymity lashed out at politicians pushing the BBI noting that they have a hidden agenda.

“Those behind the BBI Report have a hidden agenda. Why do they want to change the constitution at this time?” he asked

According to him the constitution adequately addresses the needs of all Kenyans.

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