Millions lost as fire razes down villas in Msambweni


About fifteen people in Msambweni, Kwale county have been left homeless after their houses were razed down by an inferno.

The fire left them destitute after all their property was reduced to ashes.

The incident happened after fire spread from one private villa to another reducing three private villas Duara, Amani and Jumba House owned by Germany nationals to ashes.

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An eyewitness, Hamasi Mwabori said the fire started from the side of the sea and spread at a higher speed.

He said that their effort to put off the fire were futile.

“We are appealing to the leadership of the area to assess the situation and help the families affected,” said Mwabori.

One of the fire victims Peter Keno said that they lost everything including clothes.

“Some of us were helped by friends with clothes and food after the incident. We don’t know about tomorrow, we will appreciate the support given to us by well-wishers,” said Keno.

Aurelia Nelima, also a victim, accused Kwale county fire brigade officials for arriving late and lacking enough water while responding to the incident.

“We have lost everything, beddings and all documents. Those willing to help by providing food and beddings, we will appreciate,” said Nelima.

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