Maumba evicts resettled on Swampy land in Bwiti


Over 380 families at Bwiti village in lungalunga constituency Kwale County are still up in arms with the national government 10 years later after being relocated from Maumba in msambweni constituency to pave way for Base titanium to extract titanium minerals in the area.                 

The residents alleged to have been inadequately compensated 80,000 per acre, resettled to land already occupied, and some were resettled on swampy lands unfit for human to inhabit.

Fatuma Chinyezi a Bwiti resident speaking during the handing over of social cartographic maps by Kenya land alliance at Bwiti village, Chinyezi said the national government blundered on resettlement of Maumba locals affected by the base Titanium mining activities.

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Chinyezi further said the national government brought them to Bwiti where the land was already occupied by the Bwiti locals.   

 “We have never known peace in Bwiti because the locals think we took their land. The government issued us with title deeds whose land belonged to other people,” Chinyezi said.          

 Swalehe Mwabakari a resident said they were devastated to find out that the government had given them swamps in the name of land.

“We have not developed those pieces of land 10 years later because the land has no economic value, you cannot do anything with swampy land.”Mwabakari said.

The locals intend to use social cartographic maps given to them by Kenya land alliance to renegotiate with the national government in terms of resettlement to other places.                              

David Achero Kenya land alliance project officer said the locals will be able to get into negotiations with the government from an informed point of view.            

“Bwiti residents can use the maps to show the government where their swampy land is and the double allocation of land.”Achero said.

Principal Secretary state department of mining ministry of petroleum and Energy John Omenge apologized to Bwiti residents in 2018 for failing, saying  that the outstanding issues will be sorted out between those moved from the mining  area and the company once the community development committee is formed.

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