Matilda Ngala, daughter to Bango maestro Mzee Ngala is dead

matilda ngala

Matilda Ngala is dead.

She died on Thursday night. The sad news was first posted to a Frere Town whatsapp group a few minutes after mid night

She died at the Jocham Hospital

“A few hours ago we lost our sister Matilda Ngala. More details will follow after the family sits down and gives full information. God gave and He has taken. May the Lord’s name be praised…AMEN,” read the text.

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She is the daughter to Bango sounds maestro Mzee Ngala. She was also a musician and did songs with his brother Jimmy Ngala.

Stella Mbeyu, a fellow musician eulogized Matilda as a role model.

“Langu ni kukuombea upumzike kwa amani. Ulipitia Hali ngumu sana ila ya Mungu ni mengi. Safiri salama my fellow musician/singer tutaonana baade. Pole kwa familia ya Mzee Ngala na Bango sounds. R.I.P my role model Matilda Ngala nitakuenzi daima.

More to follow

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