Massive Job losses in Coast region, Residents Lament

coast region

Residents in the Coast region have raised concerns over the economic strain of the port city of Mombasa and the entire region at large.

According to the locals, the economic decline in the region has negatively affected the region leading to massive job losses.

The locals argue that most businesses especially in the shipping and freight sectors have collapsed due to what they claim is the transfer of port services to other counties.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa, Mombasa Fast Action Business Community FABCOM chairman Salim Karama blamed political leaders on what he claims to the region’s economic woes.

Karama adds that it is a deliberate attempt by the government to strain the region’s economy.

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“This move by the government is a deliberate attempt to suppress the economy of the region. As we speak there are no jobs for our youths,” said Karama

He urged parents to ensure their children grow up to become responsible citizens.

“What we are witnessing right now is a jobless youthful generation. Most of them spend most of their time in Maskani,” lamented Karama.

He further lashed out at the government following a hike in fuel prices.

Noted Karama “It is only Kenya where fuel prices go up. This is economic sabotage.

At the same time, Abushiri Ali, hailing from Mvita Sub County says the region’s economic decline is beyond explanation.

He attributes the region’s economic woes to the current wave of political leaders.

“Lack of unity amongst political leaders is the root of all this economic mess,” said Ali. At the same time, Malik Azwan, a long-distance driver, notes that he lost his job immediately

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