Magarini MP accuses chiefs of aiding land grabbing

MagariniMagarini MP Michael Kingi

Magarini Member of parliament Michael Kingi has warned chiefs in the sub county against meddling in land matters.

 The MP claimed the local administrators collude with tycoons to fraudulently sell communal land.

Speaking during a burial in Garashi, Kingi said are aiding tycoons to take land at the expense of locals.

‘‘If the Sub county commissioner will not take action against the chiefs I will mobilize my people to seek legal redress,’’ he said.

The MP said he will not relent until the few rogue chiefs who are selling their birth right for personal interests change their attitude.

 ‘‘I will not allow them to continue terrorizing locals by misusing their powers. The chiefs should emulate the Late Morris Mkanga who served the community with the zeal and passion by creating bridges that brought together the community contrary to what the current administrators have chosen to do,” he said.

Majority of the land in the constituency is communal land and very few locals have land ownership documents.

Tycoons have also taken advantage of the high poverty levels of the locals to collude with the administrators to get land illegally.

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