Stop suppressing Matatu sector, transport stakeholders tell the government

matatuActivists and transport stakeholders at Haki Africa offices recently. Image: PETER KOMBE

Transport stakeholders in the coast region have called on the government to ensure fairness in the industry.

According to the stakeholders, the government is paying particular attention to the standard gauge railway.

They further insist that the government has imposed punitive measures on some mediums of transport including matatus and buses.

Addressing the media in Mombasa on Thursday, Matatu Owners Association chairperson Salim Mbarak Salim said unlike matatu the SGR carries full capacity while matatus carry only 8 passengers.

“The government should be fair. There should not be double standards as it is witnessed now. We all pay taxes like any other Kenyans,” said Mbarak.

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He claims the matatu sector is currently undergoing a cut-throat economy due to the adherence to the COVID-19 Protocols.

The MOA chair asked the government to open the entire transport sector by allowing night travels.

At the same time, Matatu owners association Vice-chair Salim Battes Matatu notes that like any other Kenyans matatus pay tax.

He cites the high cost of vehicle spare parts asking the government to look into the matter.

“I ask the president to open up the economy when he will be addressing the nation in a couple of weeks.

Haki Africa Rapid Response Officer Mathias Shipeta says the law must apply equally to all Kenyans.

Shiepta says the Coast region is entirely dependent on the transport sector and the government should not play a cat and mouse game.

“The transport sector in this region is on its knees. Create a level ground where all players will play a fair game,” said Shipeta.

Fast Action Business Community FABCOM chairperson Salim Karama said the economy in the region has dwindled due to the impacts of SGR.

He lashed out at the government saying the SGR does not adhere to the set down protocols.

“The government must intervene. We are taxpayers like any other. Said Karama.

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