Likoni residents fearful of Urban Renewal Program


Likoni Sub County residents have appealed to the government to prioritize the indigenous communities as it seeks to implement the housing agenda in various parts of the country.

The locals (tenants in public estates) in the sub-county have allayed fears that they might be edged out of the urban renewal program once they are relocated to other areas.

As part of the government’s Big Four Agenda, the government is implementing the urban renewal program in some of the public land in partnership with the county government.

A Likoni sub-county resident, Juma Nondo while addressing the media in Mombasa said “it is unfortunate that the indigenous person is normally left out in this process. What does the government have for this oppressed local?

He wants the national government to address the land question once and for all saying “ I am however worried how the government will sort out the problem of land and housing in this sub-county.

On the other hand, Salim Mohammed says there is a need for the government to conduct a stiff awareness campaign to sensitize locals before implementing the urban renewal program in the sub-county.

According to him, most tenants risk losing houses in the government initiated program.

The residents are questioning the implementation of the program on two aspects; the mode of purchase and the estimated price per unit.

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“The government should come out clean. What is the mode of payment and what is the price per unit? Is there an opportunity for the common man to possess the land” quizzed Mohammed.

At the same time, Albert Adembesa urged the county government to provide an in-depth explanation for the urban renewal program for the Likoni sub-county estates.

According to him, the county government is not on the issue of relocation of tenants in the area, a government-driven initiative.

“The county government is not clear on the issue. Shall we be relocated or temporarily relocated? Because what we saw in Buxton is unfair,” noted Adembesa.

A ward administrator who spoke on condition of anonymity decried a surge of squatters in the sub-county.

He asked the national government to map out all informal settlements in the sub-county.

There has been poor physical planning in this sub-county. This challenge requires urgent redress,” noted the ward administrator.

 Haki Yetu Organisation lands and governance officer John Paul Obonyo says there is a need for the government to engage the common man before implementing a government project.

Already Buxton residents have been relocated to other areas to pave way for the urban renewal program under the government Big Four Agenda.

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