Lets Combat Graft Collectively as Kenyans- Taita Taveta DG

Taita taveta

Taita Taveta Deputy Governor Majala Mlagui has asked Kenyans to join hands in the war against graft.

She said women caught up in the corruption circus should not be used as a determinant factor to undermine women in leadership.

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She adds that there is a need for Kenyans to fight graft at all levels of government.

“Let us fight corruption as a country. As women leaders we feel there still exists a gap that women should fill,” the DG noted.

The DG however cites politics, business and economy sectors as some of the areas that women still face challenges in.

Ms Mlagui was speaking to the media in Mombasa at the sidelines of women in human resource conference that brought together women leaders in various government agencies.

The DG further cites harassment and psychological trauma as some of the challenges facing women leaders.

Voice your concern

Majala further asked women to raise their concerns on matters of national interest.

“You play a pivotal role in this country. It is high time to have these conversations on board and move on,” said Majala.

She also wants women to assist young people to realize their full potential.

The DG adds “We should advise our youth who form the largest part of the country’s population. We should nurture their talents,”

Meanwhile, the Institute of Human Resource Management Executive directive Irene Kimacia said the institute consists of 53 percent of women.

She explained that unlike in the past women have now taken the challenges and are facing the same head-on.

“We are capable as women leaders. We have what it takes to ascend to leadership,” said Kimacia.

The conference brought together Women in Human Resource Management from different government agencies.

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