Kwale Woman MP ejected from Parliament for bringing her baby

Kwale woman mp

Kwale woman MP Zuleikha Hassan was on Wednesday ejected from the National Assembly debating chambers after she carried her baby to the floor of the house.

The House was debating the Kenya-Somalia Maritime Border Dispute Resolution when Zulekha walked in with her baby.

Majority Leader Aden Duale was forced to cut his submission, saying the Kwale woman MP was out of order.

Duale termed Zuleikha’s action as a gross misconduct.

Presiding speaker Chris Omulele (Luanda MP) ordered the MP out of the House citing a violation of Standing Orders which bar strangers from entering the chambers during a debate.

He ordered sergeant at arms to eject the MP for the breach, disrupting business for about 15 minutes.

The speaker said breastfeeding members should restrict themselves to the special facilities set by the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) for feeding children.

“You cannot come and abuse the chamber of the people of Kenya. We recognize that members may have children, but not within the debating chamber. It cannot be done on my watch,” the temporary speaker said.

MPs were divided on how to handle the woman MP saying the Constitution grants a child a right to access their parents at any time, even while the latter is at work.

Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma said the Constitution has placed family at the centre of the society.

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“I am seeing a child protected by the Constitution being separated from the mother who is a Member of Parliament,” the MP protested.

But Leader of Majority Aden Duale insisted Zuleikha was out of order adding that the House strictly has 349 members.

“All of us have children. This house has a stranger. This is an abuse of the House and the member must be cited for gross misconduct,” Duale said.

“We must promote the dignity of this House whether Parliament created a place for breastfeeding.  The member has ashamed the people of Kwale,” the Garissa Township MP said.

The Kwale woman MP was ejected alongside Alego Usonga MP Sam Atandi who protested the manner in which the MP was handled. Zuleikha said she had an emergency and had to choose between coming with the baby to work, or not coming to work altogether.

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