Shock as Kwale records high cases of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsyA mother feeds her child who has cerebral palsy condition.

Over 50 children in every six locations in lungalunga sub county Kwale County suffer from cerebral palsy due to the failure of their mothers to attend prenatal clinics.                      

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affects the movement and muscles tone or posture. It is majorly caused by damage that occurs to the immature brain as it develops before birth.   

Speaking during opening of a special unit school to cater for cerebral palsy children at Vitsangalaweni in lungalunga sub county funded  by Kids care, director of kids care Ali Mwaziro says so far they have constructed four special unit schools in lungalunga with a plan to construct other two by early next year. According to Mwaziro the units will provide occupational therapy, physical and stretching sessions.                    

“The four units we have constructed so far will cater for 30 Children each apart from therapies they will also undertake their studies here,”Mwaziro said.  However, Mwaziro notes that the four special units will not be able to cater for over fifty children suffering from cerebral palsy they have identified from each location.                                                          

“Our units can only accommodate 180 children whereas there are about 300 kids who also need attention,” He said.                   

Lungalunga Member of Parliament Khatib mwashetani said the Lungalunga NG-CDF will from the 2020/2021 financial year set aside funds to construct special units in all the primary schools in Lunga lunga.

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He said the units will cater for the large number of children living with cerebral palsy.  

Lungalunga sub county deputy county commissioner Josephat Biwott has put on notice all expectant mothers in the sub county who do not attend prenatal clinics that they risk arrest.                     

Biwott further said that failure by lungalunga expectant mothers to attend prenatal clinics is the main cause of having ballooning number of cerebral palsy children in kwale.                                         

“We have directed our chiefs and village elders to make follow ups on all expectant mothers to ensure that they attend to prenatal clinics failure to which we will arrest them,” He said.                      

Mebakari mwatabu lungalunga sub county education officer says all the primary schools in lungalunga will be integrated with special units to ensure accessibility of disabled children to education.    

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