Kwale deputy governor calls for arrest of minors in night functions

achaniKwale deputy governor Fatuma Achani addresses public at a past event in Kwale County.

Kwale Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani has warned children against attending night functions.

Achani said night functions like weddings should be left to adults and children found in such functions should be rounded up by police and taken to police stations.

The Deputy Governor noted that weddings and night celebrations which are meant for adults, have become a major conduit for the runaway early pregnancies among students and under-age girls.

Achani also blamed parents for failing to take care of their children, especially during the long school holidays.

“I really get pissed off these days whenever I attend weddings and I find a large number of youth and children who just loiter around. They dance to vulgar music while parents watch. Every parent should be responsible for what their children do,” she said. She was addressing the public on Thursday at Vinuni Primary School in Magodzoni.

“My dear parents, don’t allow your children to attend these ceremonies. This is where they meet boys and then disappear in the nearby bushes from where they emerge with unwanted pregnancies. Let us tell each other the truth because the solution to early pregnancies lies with us,” she said.

She added, “If you notice under-age children at a wedding or another ceremony, call the police so that they are rounded up. When they sleep in police stations, they won’t repeat it”. Achani who early this month kicked off a campaign to talk to youth on early pregnancies urged parents to form groups and committees which will visit schools when they reopen, to talk to children, parents and teachers on the vice which has affected many students, many who sat for their national examinations in labour wards.

Achani said Governor Salim Mvurya’s administration had set aside millions of shillings towards bursaries but if pupils do not perform because they are pregnant, they will not benefit from the bursary kit.

Parents at the meeting applauded her efforts and promised to join her in the fight against early pregnancies.

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