KUPPET wants Kilifi county director of education investigated


The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has requested the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the Kilifi county director of education and his deputy over corruption allegations.

Addressing journalists in Kilifi on Tuesday, KUPPET Kilifi branch executive secretary Caleb Mogere accused the director Eunice Khaemba and her deputy Isaac Wasai of frustrating efforts to upgrade schools.

“The two officers are always reluctant to approve school projects even when all necessary documents are availed. They change the preference of the projects as decided by the BOM of schools. This will greatly affect the form one’s who will join school next term as they will not have some essential school facilities,” said Mogere

Mogere said Khaemba has been demanding a bribe to invite him to the county education board meetings which he is a member.

Wasai said he had never heard of the allegation and declined to comment.

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“I am hearing of the allegations from you. I cannot speak on that because our protocol recognizes the director as the only person who can speak to the media. The director is not in and her phone is not going through,” said Wasai

Khaemba’s phone was not connecting however, replying to a text sent to her cell phone she denied the allegations.

“I’m not aware of any school which has been denied registration where all requirements have been met. Registration is a process under a county education board not myself,” read the text.

The director is the secretary to the county education board.

KUPPET kilifi branch treasurer Mae Kitsao said the director has declined to register schools as day and boarding despite the schools meeting all requirements.

Kitsao said most schools admit students who come from far areas and the school has to arrange for boarding facilities within the school so as to discourage them from renting houses outside the school.

“We have to make such arrangements though its illegal. When students rent houses outside the school they easily get influenced to abuse drags and girls get pregnant. To make it legal we apply for approval of boarding facilities where all stakeholders give us a nod but the director will just dilly dally and decline to approve. We get approvals at sub county levels but at the county level she declines,” he said

Kitsao said most such schools have over 700 students and are expecting over 300 students.

“We are sometimes tempted to stop admitting students who come from far areas but we will not be doing justice to them and the 100 percent transition directive by the president. Khaemba should listen to her officers working on the ground and stop acting like a boss,” he said

KUPPET Kilifi branch Organizing secretary Dennis Pundo accused the director of refusing to approve more streams to schools.

Pundo said most schools have few teachers because the ministry knows they are single stream schools.

“We have schools that have grown up to four streams but the ministry know they are one stream schools. Principals have pushed to get the schools approved as having more than one stream but the director has refused to do that. The schools have the infrastructure and the students but the biggest challenge is the county director,” said Pundo

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