Kisii man loses eyes in suspected love triangle


Police in Kisii are investigating an incident where a man lost his eyes in love related attack.

Simon Kengere, 40, from Magena, Kisii was allegedly attacked by mob after being found in a woman’s house.

Unknown people pricked his eyes

Police sources said Kengere was found on Tuesday morning at around 2am and was rushed to hospital.

“It was reported he was attacked by a mob after he was found breaking into a house. Our officers immediately responded and rescued him and rushed him to hospital where he is being attended to,” said Charles Opondo, Kenyenya Sub-County Police Commander.

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Opondo said the circumstances the man lost his eyesight are still unclear.

“There are others who say he was found in a woman’s house while others say he was a thief with others still saying he was a witch. We are still carrying out investigations and would be too early to give the exact reason as to why he was attacked,” stated Opondo.

He said police officers are still investigating the matter.

“We will look into the that as well, meanwhile we are on with investigations,” he told the Star by phone on Tuesday .

Opondo said Kengere was rushed to Gucha Hospital in Ogembo for emergency treatment but by Tuesday evening a referral was being sought by the family to have him taken to a different health facility for advanced treatment.

At Gucha, Kengere said people who found him in the house of his suitor pricked his eyes.

“I was in the house when a man broke into it and attacked me,” he told journalists from his hospital bed.

He had blood spots on the eyes.

Opondo said the attack on the man does not bear any resemblance with the Thursday night attack on Baby Junior Sagini who had his eyes gouged out in a brutal attack.

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    That is disastrous.

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