Kisauni locals decry a Surge in Fraudulently land deals


Kisauni sub-county residents are calling on the government to intervene in what they claim the area is an epicentre of fraudulently acquired plots.

According to the locals, local administrators team up and sell parcels of land to willing buyers without the consent of senior government officials and the National Land Commission.

In an exclusive interview with Jumuiya News in Mombasa Wakombozi Youth Group Chairperson Said Shaban cited Magogoni ward as one of the worst-hit areas.

“We are experiencing a problem of plots being sold to third parties. And in most cases local administrators such as chiefs are involved in this vice,” said Shaban.

Said further accused locals on claims of dumping garbage on stalled buildings.

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He wants the government to conduct a series of sensitization campaigns on the land question in the sub-county.

“The government should come and assist get land titles. Again we do not have dumping sites in almost all the sub-counties,” said Shaban.

Unemployment, challenge to youths

Meanwhile, Alphama Nduta, one of the locals cites unemployment as a major challenge facing youths in the area.

She wants the government to offer training opportunities in a bid to address the challenge of rampant unemployment.

“We need your support. Come and assist us. Idleness has also brought a surge in crime,” said Nduta.

At the same time, Sisters for Justice Rapid Response officer Ahmed Hassan asked youths to avoid engaging in crime.

He notes that there is a need for the government to initiate and implement youth-based economic employment programs to address the challenge of unemployment.

Haki Yetu Organisation Lands and Governance officers John Paul says the organisation is in the process of mapping out land and governance lobby groups in the entire sub-counties.

“The project is being implemented in six sub-counties and also brings in the people with disability PWDs. We are building capacity for lobby groups on housing rights, and policies land and governance,”

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