Kingi sends warning to Raila


Kilifi governor and Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) party leader Amason Kingi has vowed to reverse the political fortunes of ODM Raila Odinga in the coast region.

This comes barely a day after Kingi was tasked to lead the Kenya Kwanza campaigns in the coast region alongside Kwale governor Salim Mvurya and Lamu former governor Issa Timamy

Kingi ditched the Azimio One Kenya alliance for Kenya Kwanza last week citing lack of transparency in the Raila led coalition.

“I have traversed Kilifi county and other counties in the region to popularize Raila and ODM. I will double the zeal to make sure people forget him and vote in Kenya Kwanza. Raila cannot be trusted with issues affecting the coast region,” he said

Kingi said they have already come up with a roadmap to winning the coast region to the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

The governor said ODM did not become popular in the region by a miracle but through his serious campaigns.

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“Raila should prepare to leave the political scene altogether. We are launching a serious campaign that will make sure he loses ground and the election. He has been in this game for quite sometime and it is time for him to exit the scene,” he added

In 2017, Kingi led a campaign that gave ODM all the seven parliamentary seats in Kilifi county, the woman representative, the senate seat, the governor seat and 27 out of the 35 Kilifi county assembly seats.

“What we did in 2017 is nothing, the game the real thing is about to start. The coast region must be liberated and the only way is through Kenya Kwanza,” he added

Ruto appointed Governors Salim Mvurya, Amason Kingi, Issa Timamy and Lydia Haika to take charge of the Coast region campaigns.

Kingi is however facing an uphill task in Kilifi due to infighting among other Kenya Kwanza affiliate parties.

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Kingi said his PAA will field candidates in all the positions except the presidency.

This has however not gone well with aspirants from the UDA party.

PAA’s George Kithi will face Aisha Jumwa of UDA .

“Kingi can drive a serious campaign but will he campaign for Jumwa or Kingi as Kilifi governor because all of them are in Kenya Kwanza,” said Johnson Katana.

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