Kingi calls for rectification of national budget

National budgetKilifi governor Amason Kingi

The Council of Governors legal affairs, human rights, intergovernmental relations, security and foreign affairs committee chairman Amason Kingi has called for rectification of the Sh3.02 trillion 2019/20 national budget.

The Kilifi governor said the move is to avoid duplication of duties.

Speaking in his office in Kilifi, Kingi observed that the budget has allocated a lot of funds to some functions currently being handled by the devolved units of governments.

“The resources are supposed to follow the functions of government and the funding should follow where the functions are located,” he said adding “we hope with discussions, we will ratify the anomalies”

Some of the devolved functions include agriculture, health and education where the county deals with matters relating to early child hood education and vocational training institutes.

The Sh3 trillion budget has allocated Sh450.9 billion to the Big Four agenda which include universal health-care, affordable housing, food security and manufacturing together with their enablers.

Universal health-care has been allocated Sh48.8 billion whereby Sh7.9 billion allocated to social welfare initiative, Sh14.4 billion for Kenyatta National Hospital and Sh1.2 billion for health workers internship programme.

Sh10.5 billion has been allocated for affordable housing including which include Sh5 billion for housing development fund.

In agriculture, 2 billion for value addition chain, Sh3 billion for coffee sector, Sh1 billion for crop diversification, Sh700 million for smallholder dairy farming and Sh7.9 billion for ongoing irrigation projects.

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