Kilifi residents advised against eating desert locusts

desert locustsFood or pest...mixed and divided opinions at Tangini village in Marafa, Magarini Sub County

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has discouraged residents from eating the desert locusts as they may have traces of pesticides.

In a statement on Friday, Kingi also urged residents not to chase the locusts as this makes them spread faster.

“We’ve regrettably noted the invasion of parts of our County by desert locusts. Between Wednesday, when the locusts were first seen in Magarini and today, the locusts have rapidly spread to Ganze, Kilifi South, Malindi, Rabai Sub-Counties, though without much damage to crops so far,” read the statement

The governor said plans for ground and aerial spraying are in top gear.

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“Immediately we received these reports, a team of County Officers embarked on surveillance and started to engage the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), to heighten response measures and launch preparations for ground and aerial spraying which will commence once arrangements are concluded,” said Kingi

By Saturday, all sub counties had reported cases of the invasion of the desert locusts.

According to experts, the locusts are old and less destructive.

“They are currently breeding and in one and a half months they will be very destructive. something needs to be done as soon as possible,” said a source from the agriculture department.

Residents are advised to report any invasion to the following hotlines:

0722440831/0721598517- County Headquarters

0720829157- Ganze Sub-County

0727507900- Magarini Sub-County

0722470561- Kaloleni Sub-County

0723206092- Kilifi South Sub-County

0722493952- Kilifi North Sub-County

0726393081- Rabai Sub-County

0729870652- Malindi Sub-County.

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