Kilifi public beach: The home of ecstasy

Kilifi public beachCamel riding at the Kilifi public Beach

The attraction of Kilifi town cannot be complete without a mention of the picturesque scenic seafront of Kilifi Public Beach along Bofa Road.

It is one of the most breathtaking attractions in Kilifi town.

Kilifi Public Beach is about six kilometers from Kilifi town. It gives both local and foreign visitors ample time to enjoy the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean especially in the evening.

The distance can be shorter for those who take shortcuts, especially visitors who prefer walking to the beach.

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Locals from the neighborhood throng the beach to join other visitors. Locals come from as far as Kakanjuni, Mtondia, Mnarani, Kibaoni and kwa Charo wa Mae especially on Sunday afternoons.

The winding, smoothly tarmac Bofa Road is lined with palm trees on both sides making it very beautiful.

Visitors going to the beach find the short journey to the beach an adventure of its kind. It is a serenely beautiful public promenade that has access to a relatively large public beach.

Kilifi public beach has unique palm trees that offer a glamorous feel of the life on the beach
Palm trees along Kilifi public beach

The high level of development along Bofa Road and the beache line is turning the area to be very attractive. Most of the compounds along the Bofa road as you head to the beach have well maintained flower beds making a wonderful scenery.

Kilifi Public Beach can be accessed either by private car, motor bike Tuk Tuk or on foot. Visitors with private cars and motor bikes have nothing to worry as there is an apple secure parking for many cars.

This beach is practically the only waterfront development accessible to the wider public in the whole Kilifi town.

Well kept

The public beach entrance is next to Baobab Sea Lodge, the other side on the left are private executive houses with well-kept compounds that look very attractive.

Most people who visit this beach come here to enjoy the fresh air and well-maintained gardens. At times one gets a rare opportunity to watch huge ships sail towards or from Mombasa port.

Fishermen at the Kilifi public beach
Fishermen also find a haven at the Kilifi public beach

Most visitors prefer walking to the beach from the town, fattening their souls on the way with the beauty of the flowerbeds along the way.

Some of the fun activities that attract most visitors here include family swimming, camel ridding photographing and sun basking.

The beach here is very clean and well kept. The bushes near by mixed with some palm plantations adds to the beauty of this place.

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