Kilifi ODM gubernatorial aspirants urged to hit the ground


Kilifi county Orange Democratic Movement chairman Teddy Mwambire has challenged gubernatorial aspirants seeking election on ODM ticket in Kilifi to start their ground work.

Speaking in Mwarandinda in Ganze constituency on Sunday, Mwambire said the aspirants need to start their grassroots campaigns in preparation for the party primaries.

Mwambire who is the Ganze MP said the delegates need to know the aspirants in advance so that they can vet them and choose the most suitable candidate not for the party but one who will serve the interests of the Kilifi people.

“As the chairman I do not wish to see people elect a governor who will serve his interests. We want to elect a governor who will utilize the resources of the county but not swindle the county,” said Mwambire

He said the county is still languishing in poverty despite receiving over Ksh 80 billion in the last nine years.

“It is a pity that Kilifi is still bedeviled by hunger yet we received a lot of money from the national government. Kilifi can collect over Ksh 13 billion own revenue in a year if we get a governor who is willing to serve the people,” he said

The chairman said four governor aspirants have expressed interest to run on an ODM ticket.

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They are Kilifi deputy governor Gideon Saburi, Devolution CAS Gideon Mung’aro, Kilifi county assembly speaker Jimmy Kahindi and Kenyan ambassador in Tanzania Dan Kazungu.

Mwambire said the four should make themselves known to the electorate.

“The party has no preferred candidate. Each aspirant should make himself known to the delegates and prepare their teams. No spirant should expect to be nominated by a delegate whom he has not engaged,” he said

ODM youth leader Fikirini Jacobs said the primaries will be conducted fairly.

“Nomination certificates will not be for sale. ODM will nominate a candidate who will salvage the county from the claws of hunger and poverty perpetuated by the previous regimes,” said Jacobs

Devolution CAS Gideon Mung’aro said his team is on the ground in readiness for the primaries.

“I am still serving the government as the CAS which bars me from taking an active role in politics. I receive daily updates from my team and I have traversed many parts of the county,” he said

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