Kilifi now coronavirus free after recovery of 6 cases

coronavirusKilifi governor Amason Kingi testing a sanitizing booth on the entrance to his office

Kilifi county has no single coronavirus case, Kilifi governor Amason Kingi has said.

This is after the the full recovery of all the six reported cases.

However, Kingi warned Kilifi residents against celebrating the milestone due to the county’s proximity to Mombasa where cases have been on the rise.

Addressing journalists outside his office on Thursday to announce the discharging from isolation centre of the last two covid-19 patients, Kingi said the ongoing mass testing in the county will inform the correct position of infection in the county.

“I want to announce to you that we discharged the last two patients from our Jibana isolation centre on Wednesday. This means Kilifi has no active covid-19 case as at today. Kilifi reported six cases through contact tracing and two other people from Kilifi were isolated in Nairobi on their return from abroad. They have since all recovered,” said Kingi

The governor further said all the people who were in the different quarantine centres in the county have all been released.

“We had put people in quarantine centres who were contacts of the positive cases. They were all tested and they turned negative and were all released. We are holding no one in our quarantine centres except those who were quarantined after contravening government directives in the control of coronavirus,” added Kingi

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Kingi said he is currently in discussion with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho to share on information of possible contacts to the cases in Mombasa who could be residing in Kilifi.

“We are very close to Mombasa and even though we currently have no positive case it’s imperative for us to be vigilant and make sure any contact from the cases in Mombasa within our county is identified and tested. It is not over yet until it’s all over.

The governor urged security officers manning roadblocks on all the entry points to the county to make sure they do not let in people.

Coronavirus testing

Earlier on, the governor visited the KEMRI laboratories in Kilifi where he was taken through the process of testing for the coronavirus.

By Thursday, KEMRI Kilifi had tested 499 samples from the county where the six cases were reported.

KEMRI, Kilifi Director Benjamin Tsofa said the centre has a capacity to test 400 samples per day.

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The centre has been screening samples from across the six counties of the coast region and sequencing of probable (indeterminate) results from across the country.

“Mombasa embarked on mass testing and all the specimen were being tested here. From tomorrow Mombasa will be doing their tests. This means we will be handling Lamu and Tanariver counties. The sequencing for results which cannot be determined whether positive or negative is only done here and not in any other lab in the country. Due to the number of tests done per day we sometimes go up to midnight to complete tests for the day,” said Tsofa

Currently, Kilifi County has 14 ICU beds and ventilators in the Jibana and Mbudzi isolation centres.

He also announced that a 150 bed capacity isolation centre will be opened at the Kilifi county referral hospital.

“The new Kilifi hospital complex phase one block is ready and we have decided to use it as an isolation centre. We are soon going to launch the centre. We are alo going to open the new Mtwapa market to accommodate traders currently crowding in a makeshift market within Mtwapa town. We have marked the stalls to enable social distancing. A similar market will be opened at Gongoni in Magarini,” added Kingi

Mass testing for medical staff in the county is ongoing.

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