Kilifi MCAs to shoot down Punguza Mzigo Bill

Punguza mzigo

A section of Members of the County assembly of Kilifi have vowed to shoot down the Punguza mzigo Bill when it is brought to the assembly for debate.

The MCAs said the Bill is only good by name but its contents are suspect.

The MCAs led by Marafa MCA Renson Kambi termed the Bill as a sweet laced with poison.

Speaking in Kikambala on Sunday during a thanksgiving ceremony for Mtepeni ward MCA Victor Mwaganda after his release from police custody, the leaders urged residents to reject the Bill which will be taken round the county for public participation from 19th September.

“This Punguza mzigo Bill appears good on the outside but if you interact with it further you will realize it’s just a plan to hoodwink the public. The bill says more resources will be taken to the counties but it does not touch the schedule 4 of the constitution which stipulates the roles of both levels of government. This means counties will have more resources but they cannot utilize the resources because the law as stipulated in schedule 4 has not been changed,” said Kambi

Kambi said subjecting the Bill to public participation is a waste of resources and it should instead be brought straight to the assembly so that MCAs can shoot it down.

“We have been taken through the Bill by experts and on Friday we invited Dr. Ekuru Aukot to expound further on the Bill which he drafted but there are some questions he failed to respond satisfactorily,” added Kambi

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Kayafungo MCA Alphonse Mwayaa said Punguza Mzigo will greatly affect the representation of the people.

He argued that it will be a tall order for a constituency to be equivalent to a county.

“Kilifi has seven constituencies and when you freeze all the seven to form one constituency people will suffer. It is already a challenge to reach all corners of a constituency. The Bill is not realistic and has a hidden agenda,” said Mwayaa

On his part, Mwaganda said he will not support and Bill seeking to amend the constitution as long as it does not stipulate how to address the land woes in the county.

“I urge you my fellow leaders to consider this. Both BBI and Punguza Mzigo and any other Bill does not deserve our support if it does not have a solution to our land problems. The coast region is underdeveloped because of the land puzzle. I will not support any effort to amend the constitution unless it assures me that the coast land puzzle will be solved,” he said.

Nominated MCA Betty Mbuche said the Bill is arm twisting women to support it but it does not favour them.

“The Bill is coming to the wards for public participation. As MCAs we do not approve it but you must have your say. Women are losers in this Bill,” she said

Other MCAs present during the ceremony are Peter Ziro (Garashi), Cantona Mae (Rabai Kisurutini) and Jana Tsuma (Ruruma)

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