Kilifi MCA runs away with witch doctor’s money

witch doctor

A ‘powerful’ witch doctor in Kilifi town has threatened to expose a Kilifi MCA who has declined to pay for his services.

The voodoo man who is sort after especially during electioneering time whispered to Jumuiya that he helped the MCA to scuttle a gender-based violence case that threatened his freedom.

“The MCA impregnated a disabled woman who worked as a house help in his rural home. He refused to take responsibility and that’s when he came seeking my services. He paid me half and he is yet to pay the remaining amount. It’s over six months now and he no longer picks my call,” said the witch doctor.

The flamboyant assembly member is reported to have taken a low key after the incident.

“I will not cast any spell on him but I will expose him. I helped him now he has refused with my money,” he added

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