Kilifi Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chair accused of derailing development

womenNominated senator Christine Zawadi (C) during a meeting to resolve wrangles between maendeleo ya wanawake leadership in Kilifi

Kilifi Women leaders on Monday asked the Kilifi Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chair lady Witness Tsuma to step aside for failing to spearhead the Maendeleo agenda among women.

On Monday, the Chair lady snubbed the meeting convened by the nominated Senator Christine Zawadi and former Mombasa Senator Emma Mbura to address the ongoing wrangles between herself and the members.

The women with their slogan ‘Kama haendi asitucheleweshe’ said it was now time for them to forge ahead in development if their Chair lady is not willing to walk with them.

Speaking at the Maendeleo ya Wanawake plot in Kilifi town, the two leaders condemned the move by the Chair lady to block women from developing the piece of land instead has leased to an individual who is now operating a food kiosk.

The Chair lady has also been accused for failing to convene the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the last five years in office.

Senator Zawadi said it is now time for the chair lady to vacate office and give space for responsible leaders.

“We cannot make a puppet and it ends up threatening us. I played a very big role in Witness’s (chair lady) victory, including soliciting for funds to give women to register as members in favor of her. I am a life members and she found me when she was elected,” said Zawadi.

“We have our constitution and no one can order me out of office just like that. I am working but these women are not seeing that,” said Tsuma.

She said she was working on how to evict hawkers at the road side along the plot following an order from the County Government department of health.

“All the hawkers must vacate before we start planning on other things. I am also looking for well-wishers to help us construct the site, ”she said.

But she did not respond on why she had failed to convene the AGM for the five years in office.

Mbura said that the chair lady’s leadership was questionable.

“There is no leader that is elected permanent in a certain position. Even ticks are plucked by the nail. If there is nothing productive that Witness(chair lady) has done for the five years including calling for a single meeting then she does not deserve to be in office. This is dictatorship which should not be attained. Members are going to elect another leader. She has despised Kilifi women by failing to come for this meeting,” said Mbura.

Mbura said it is discouraging to women at the grassroots who hustle daily to get the shs 100 registration fee and called upon security agencies to probe the organization from the National office to ward levels.

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  1. She is also fond of asking money from political leaders, well wishes and NGOs on behalf of the Kilifi county women then when given, the money ends in her account/mouth. We are tired of her and so (kama haendi asitucheleweshe.)

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