Kilifi fishermen demand ice plant

Kilifi fishermen

Fishermen at the Kilifi central beach management unit have called on the Kilifi county government to out up a cold storage in Kilifi.

Speaking at the old ferry landing site on Thursday the fishermen said they are currently making losses due to lack of storage facilities.

“We have hired fishermen from Pemba and we are now getting tonnes of fish everyday but we do not have market for the catch. For the last three days we have been making a good catch. Today I got 1.5 tones and we have other fishermen who got 5 tons of yellow fin tuna. We have exhausted the market and I have hired a vehicle so that I can hawk the fish in Mombasa. This is a gamble because I am going to a market where I do not know if people will buy or not. The biggest challenge is that there is no ice in the vehicle to preserve the fish,” said Kitsao Jefwa

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Many bought owners were transporting the fish other towns like Malindi, Mtwapa, Watamu, Kaloleni and Mariakani using Probox vehicles.

“These are areas where fishing is also done. We do not know if they got bumper catch likes us or not. The county government should at least put an ice plant here if she will not construct a cold storage. We have exhausted the market and the fish is rotting,” said Jefwa

Kilifi central BMU chairman Suleiman Shaaban said for the last three days the landing site has recorded over 60 tons of fish catch.

“Many boat owners have transported their fish to different areas but they make loses because they have no ice. This means the fish will lose about 40 percent of their quality compared to when they have been transported in ice. We are forced to sell the fish at a throw away price,” said Shaaban.

Rukia Juma, vice secretary at the BMU and a fish monger said in the month of January, 41,860 tons of fish were caught.

“The month of February we are recording even bumper catch. This has been necessitated by the fishermen from Pemba who are working here. They have equipment which can do deep sea fishing. We need an ice plant here to reduce the post fishing losses. Many fishmongers can now pay for their loans and meet their financial needs with ease,” said Juma

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