Kenyans wake up for tea at dawn to treat coronavirus


Several Kenyans have been forced to take tea without sugar after news went round that a before dawn half cup of the tea could set them free from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the message which was allegedly delivered by a newborn instructed people to take back tea before day break and that would make them immune to the virus. The baby is said to have died thereafter.

Jumuiya News can confirm the message was a hoax.

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The message was delivered with a lot of inconsistencies.

The first message indicated the child was born at Bokini village in Kilifi south constituency and buried during the night. The ‘child’ had a complete set of 32 teeth.

“I have attended the burial and I can confirm the child was born and actual delivered the message,” said a source from Bokini

The source agreed to take journalists to the place the child was born. She however changed the story when we reached her to take us to the place.

“The child was not buried. He was thrown under a baobab tree and he has since vanished,” said the source.

She declined requests to take journalists to the parents of the ‘baby’.

Other messages indicated the baby was delivered at Kilifi county hospital, while others said the baby was born at Coast General Referal and Teaching Hospital in Mombasa.

Other areas where the baby was claimed to have been born include Rabai, Hola, Lamu, Moyale, Takaungu, Mariakani, Kaloleni and Lunga lunga.

In rural areas, village elders went from house to house to spread the news of the ‘breakthrough’ despite the risk involved in moving about during curfew time.

The misleading information spread like bushfire to the remotest parts of the region.

A fact check from the internet reveals the claim was indeed a hoax.

On 25th March, the Reality Check team from the BBC published an article that highlights the myth that tea can cure coronavirus.

The BBC expounded on the matter.

What we should keep in mind is – Covid-19 has no cure, medication or vaccine as of now. Once there is, you probably won’t find out about it through a forwarded message but instead from top medical institutions

The only way to prevent contracting the novel coronavirus is to maintain proper hygiene, practise social distancing, coughing in your elbow or a tissue, not touching your face and self-quarantining.

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