Kenya to pilot new lymphatic filariasis treatment

lymphatic filariasisWoman affected by Elephantiasis

Kenya is set to pilot a new treatment for elephantiasis, the Health ministry has announced.

This makes Kenya the first African country to use the treatment in fighting elephantiasis.

The treatment will use a triple drug therapy, known as IDA which is a combination of three drugs for lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis) with potential to reduce treatment time considerably.

Speaking to End Fund — a private philanthropic initiative dedicated to some neglected tropical diseases — the head of the department of neglected tropical diseases, Dr Sultani Matendechero, said: “This is going to have a lot of benefit to our people because we will shorten the period of elimination from five years to two years, and then there are additional benefits in terms of clearing things like scabies, which comes with the triple drug therapy approach.”

The treatment will be supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Mr Trevor Mundel, the president of Global Health at Bill and Melinda Gates foundation broke the news of the funding on his twitter handle.

“The Gates Foundation is proud to support the Kenyan government’s launch of the first IDA pilot in Africa.” Tweeted Mundel

Elephantiasis, is one of 18 little known diseases clustered by the WHO as neglected tropical diseases.

It occurs when filarial worms find their way into the lymph nodes. The worms stretch these nodes until lymph fluid can only flow downwards causing swelling of limbs and the scrotum in men.

An estimated 3,700,000 people living along the Kenyan coast of Kwale, Tana Tiver, Kilifi, Mombasa and Lamu are at risk of infection with this disease.

The current treatment regimen consists of diethylcarbamazine and albendazole. The new treatment adds to ivermectin to the regimen, a combination that studies have shown reduces treatment time.

Kenya is marked as a standard unit from where other countries affected by elephantiasis can gain insight on eliminating the disease, as well as stay on the path to join another 14 countries that have eliminated the disease.

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