Sad season for Kenya as long rains fail


There will be no rains this season, the Kenya Meteorological Department has finally declared.

The revelation came as a shocker to farmers who were expecting the March-April-May long rains for their farming.

Kenya Meteorological Department acting Deputy Director Bernard Chanzu said Kenyans should not expect the March-April-May long rains.

According to Mr Chanzu, there are no signs of rainfall in their forecasts throughout the MEM season.

“The bigger picture about prolonged dry spell which means a drought is foreseeable is growing increasingly clear,” he said.

High temperatures

The season has been characterized by sunny and dry weather conditions in most parts of the country.

The Met said only several stations in the Western highlands such as Kisii, Nyamira, Bungoma, Trans-Nzoia, Kakamega, Busia, Homa Bay, and Kericho recorded substantial amounts of rainfall.

Cyclone Idai, which ripped through Mozambique last month, played a key role in delaying the northward movement of the rain-bearing inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ).

The ITCZ is a low pressure belt which shifts its position north and south of the equator according the position of the sun. It is here where rain-bearing trade winds converge.

Initially the weather department had forecast that the long rains would begin in April, not in March as is the norm. They had also warned of generally depressed rains.

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