Kenya National Bureau of Statistics warns of census fraudsters

knbsKwale county statistics officer Alex Munga addressing media on Thursday November 19, 2018 at Kwale Baraza park.

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics is not recruiting people for next year’s national census, Kwale county statistics Officer Alex Munga has said.

On Thursday Munga urged the public to be wary of internet fraudsters out to con unsuspecting members of the public. He reiterated that unknown individuals have been using the organization’s name to advertise the positions of enumerators and supervisors who are supposedly expected to undergo training before the census exercise kicks off next year.

“There have been rumours doing rounds the internet especially WhatsApp that Kenya National Bureau of Statistics is recruiting people. We want to tell the public that we are not recruiting anybody as for now until next year in the month of July. Be aware that fraudsters are using fake websites. Our website is which is the genuine one,” he said.

Munga added that they are currently doing cartographic mapping to help identify the enumeration areas that will be used to know the number of enumerators and supervisors to be recruited. Munga confirmed that the recruitment of enumerators and supervisors will begin next year two months prior the census exercise in August saying that any advertisement that will be made before July next year will be considered fraud.

“We want the public to be vigilant of these fake news being propagated on the internet by fraudsters and advise you not to pay attention to them because their intention is to steal your money,” he said.

He pointed that Kwale county population is expected to increase from 700, 000 to 900,000 people come next year when census will be conducted.

“According to our projections, we expect the number of people to rise by 200,000 only if everything stands as it is now excluding any natural force that cannot be controlled like floods,” he said.

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