Kenya cannot remain under lockdown-Uhuru Kenyatta


President Uhuru Kenyatta has said the country cannot afford to stay in lockdown forever.

This hints at a possible easing of the restriction currently in force due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Addressing the media at statehouse on Saturday, Uhuru said a time will come when the country will open up.

“I have told my Cabinet Secretaries that we cannot stay in lockdown forever. But if we open up the country by lifting the restrictions and the virus continues to spread, it will be our fault for not taking the precautions outlined,” he said.

The President admitted that the coronavirus pandemic has hurt the economy.

Most of those affected are citizens who now can no longer put food on the table.

“As a government we will do everything possible to help these vulnerable Kenyans.”

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Uhuru further highlighted on the government’s economic stimulus project. He said Covid-19 will continue to destabilize government’s efforts to cushion ordinary Kenyans.

Uhuru said that if Kenyans stay the course, they will overcome the challenges.

“The rate of infections may surge upwards or fall. Let us remain true to our country. We know that many Kenyans are hurting but we do not have a choice but ensure that we deal with this disease,” he said.

“I have no worry that when we work together, we will fight this disease.”

Some of the measures set in place to flatten the curve of infections include the partial lockdown and the dusk-to-dawn curfew.

In his address, Uhuru admitted that the country cannot remain in lockdown and curfew forever.

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