KEMNAC calls for sacking of corrupt judges

Sheikh Said Nzala, (L) Sheikh Juma Ngao (C) and right Sheikh Amir Zani addressing the media in a Mombasa hotel on Tuesday. Image PETER KOMBE

Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council KEMANC has called the government to sack corrupt judges.

KEMNAC further accused the judiciary of curtailing justice delivery.

KEMNAC Chair Sheikh Juma Ngao said the axe should first fall on the six judges left out by President Uhuru Kenyatta after being recommended by the judicial service commission.

“The judges should be sacked should there be sufficient evidence. The president is the most superior personality in this country,” said Ngao.

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Ngao noted “the law only recommends and does not force the president to do what JSC wants. Hold onto your decision Mr President,”

According to the KEMNAC Chair, the judiciary is working under the influence of outside forces that otherwise ruin its reputation.

He further claims that it is evident some of the six judges have at one time been implicated with graft.

“The war of words between ODM and jubilee politicians and lawyers concerning the judges left out should stop,” Ngao noted.

The chair notes that the president as the head of state has overall powers to endorse or reject any name forwarded to him by any government agency.

He further accused the judiciary on claims of runaway graft saying “it is the courts that are corrupt. Courts for the rich and not the common man,” 

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