KEMNAC backs BBI report

BBIKenya Muslims National Adisory Council Chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao

The Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council KEMNAC has called on political leaders to avoid politicizing the BBI report saying it is a document for posterity.

According to KEMNAC Chairperson, Sheikh Juma Ngao BBI is an all-inclusive document that chats the way forward to the peace and tranquillity of this country.

The chair who was speaking in Mombasa Wednesday warned politicians against misreporting the contents of the report.

“This document was drafted by experts from different parts of this country. This is a document for future generations,” said Ngao

He, however, admits that the document despite being a good report has some gaps that require urgent redress.

He revealed that the council will give full detail about the report next week after what he says is a ‘thorough scrutiny’ of the document.

“Countries throughout the world have been torn down to war because of lack of a clear legal framework drafted by law experts from different parts of the country,” noted Ngao.

At the same time, Sheikh Juma Ngao accused lawyer Ahmed Nassir Abdulahi on claims of what he terms as a gross abuse of the Muslim community.

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Ngao says the lawyers’ remarks are tantamount to abuse.

“Apologize to the Muslim community. The lawyer as learned as he is should not utter such abusive remarks. We are Muslims and have our input too,” he said.

He explained that the BBI report has the input of experts and scholars from all cadres and all regions.

KEMNAC national director of education Hafidh Muhsin said the BBI report has not inculcated the aspect of violent extremism.

According to him, there is a need for violent extremism to be included in the report.

“We have at times had violence in this country. And this document does not factor in this aspect,” Muhsin pointed out.

He called on lawyer Ahmed Nassir Abdulahi to apologize to the Muslim fraternity.

KEMNAC board member Sheikh Amir Zani urged politicians to refrain from sparking debates on the BBI report.

“Madrassa teachers are not recognized like any other teachers. We shall also iron out any gaps in the Kadhi courts,” he said.

Amir says ordinary Kenyans cannot understand the language of the report saying there is so much law jargon

“Our leaders should go out and preach the BBI gospel to Kenyans because not many of us understand the language of the report. This will ensure that they understand its contents,” said Mr Zani.

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