KEBS to re-test Always sanitary pads after outrage

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Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has launched investigations to ascertain if there was a breach of quality standards in always sanitary towels.

The investigations will include testing the brand which Kenyan women claim cause rashes, itching and burns in the vaginal area.

On Thursday, KEBS issued a statement and said the outcome of the analysis will determine the next cause of action which could see substandard products withdrawn from the market.

“Consumers are requested to report any specific complaint through KEBS Toll free line of 1545 between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm during weekdays or email You can also channel complaints through facebook at Kenya Bureau of Standards and Twitter @Kebs_ke,” the statement reads in part.

The agency however noted that past surveillance of Always pads found that the product passed quality standard tests.

KEBS maintained that all brands in Kenya were tested and 90percent of them were found to have quality compliance.

According to the statement, Always ultra, Always platinum, Always maxi, Always ultra-normal, Always extra-long were part of the tested samples.

P&G the company which produces the Always pads said women have different experiences when on their periods.

The company explained that, all pads across their markets including the ones in Kenya are designed and developed in the U.S. using the same technology and materials.

 “We would also like to draw your attention to some misinformation where pads from different countries are being compared on social media. The comparisons are different product versions that are all available in Kenya as well. For example, our soft (pink pack) pads are similar to the Always Sensitive (pink pack) pads in Europe. They are comparing Always Maxi Thick, also found in Europe and Kenya, To Always Sensitive when both products are available in Kenya as well.” P&G said on comparisons of Always pads from different countries.

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