KEBS recalls five toxic maize flour brands

The Kenya Bureau of Standards KEBS has recalled five brands of maize flour for containing high levels of aflatoxin.

In a statement to newsrooms on Saturday, KEBS said Dola Maize Meal, Kifaru Maize Meal, Starehe Maize Meal, 210 Two Ten Maize Meal, and Jembe Maize Meal have been recalled after they were found to contain high levels of aflatoxin than recommended.

KEBS head of corporate communications Zeyana Abdulla said the Market Surveillance Department team discovered that the five products have high levels of aflatoxin.

“Following consistent market surveillance and testing, it has been established that the named brands have failed because their levels of aflatoxin are higher than the maximum limit allowed by relevant Kenya Standards,” Zeyana Abdulla said.

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KEBS ordered manufacturers of the listed brands to recall all the substandard maize meal products from the market.

“Supermarkets have also been asked to pull-down the named products from its shelves,” she said in a statement to newsrooms. The affected manufacturers are required to institute corrective actions before being confirmed by KEBS failure to which their licenses will be revoked.

The statement further warned that Kebs will continue to undertake market surveillance and factory inspections and products found to be below the set standards will be seized for destruction.

The agency further urged members of the Public to be on the lookout and report any product suspected to be below the measures.

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