Kaya elders accuse NCIC of intimidating Kingi

NCICMzee Kenga Mbeo

Kaya elders from the coast region have castigated the National Cohesion and Integration commission for plotting to silence coast leaders from voicing the concerns of the region.

Speaking in a press conference in Kilifi on Tuesday, the elders from the Kaya elders association said NCIC should stop intimidating leaders from the region as this in itself is an affront to justice and integration.

The elders were reacting on the grilling of Kilifi governor Amason Kingi on Monday over remarks he made during Madaraka day celebration in Kilifi in June this year.

Kingi appeared before the commission in Nairobi accompanied by Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa, Kilifi north MP Owen Baya and Magarini MP Michael Kingi.

During the celebration, Kingi gave a history of how the land atrocities in the coast region were executed and how locals have been reduced to squatters in their own land.

“It is sad to note that today when a leader speaks about the challenges of his community he is branded as an inciter and NCIC summons that leader. There are over four commissions that investigated and gave their report on the land issue. We condemn the act by NCIC to summon and grill Governor Kingi because he was reminding us of the history. He was echoing what we have always been saying,” said Hamis Juma from kaya Digo

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Juma said the summons were meant to intimidate the governor so that land injustices are not resolved in the coast region.

Stanley Kenga Mbeo from Kaya Kambe said the grilling of the governor is a clear indication that the government is not keen to resolve the land problems in the coast region.

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“Kingi is our son and he speaks what we send him to speak. We have been marginalized and maimed in our own land. The governor spoke of how demolitions are being carried without a human face and how the region lost chunks of land through fraudulent means. That is not incitement because these are things that are in the public domain,” said Mbeo

Mbeo further warned that the region will reject the BBI report if it does not spell out how the coast land problem will be solved.

“As it is now we are strangers in our own land. The BBI if it does not bring back our land then it is useless to us. We will bring our minds together with only one goal, to reject the BBI,” added Mbeo

Mijikenda Kaya elders’ association coordinator Tsuma Nzai defended the governor for putting things as they are.

Nzai pointed that the governor did not utter any words that are a threat to peace in the region.

“Kingi did not incite anyone. He did not ask locals to chase non locals. He only spelt out how locals have been short changed in land ownership. We will meet at the end of the year to make sure the land issue is factored in the BBI,” said Nzai

After the Madaraka celebrations, the Kilifi north sub county security committee summoned Kilifi north MP Owen Baya over the same matter.

Baya had said no local will be evicted from his land.

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