Joho faults Ruto’s Bottom-up Economic model


Mombasa governor Hassan Joho has faulted the bottom-up economic model touted by deputy president William Ruto saying it will not work in Kenya as it’s a borrowed model from other foreign countries.

Joho cautioned Kenyans and especially the youth to be wary about the bottom-up economic model being championed by the hustler nation as it has no approach that resonates with the Kenyan background.

“You cannot replicate an economic model from another country, where the political terrain is different, and where the other country’s economic strength is different, it will not work. We have seen that they can’t even define what bottom-up means,” said Joho.

Speaking during a youth meeting convened by Information and Communication Technology ICT Cs Joe Mucheru and Mombasa youth, to discuss matters of elections, Joho said they need an urgent solution to public debt and corruption, not new models that are not well defined.

“There are a lot of conversations ongoing about the economy, some of the people can’t even explain their models, and that is why I am urging the youth to be wary of these economic models,” said Joho.

Joho, who asked the youth to be consulted before any economic models are planned, cast the blame on Ruto for going against the president’s initiatives, including the building bridges initiative BBI that were meant to give the youth tax holiday.

“Instead of holding the president’s hand and achieving the Jubilee manifesto you are dragging the president behind with early campaigns,” this is not right, said Joho.

Joho has urged the youth to nominate their youthful leaders to reposition themselves for political positions ahead of 2022 general elections. He asked the youth to demand involvement when manifestoes are being crafted so that they can have their views captured.

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“If you don’t choose one amongst yourself, then other senior politicians will take away with it, we need to be careful,” said Joho.

At the same time, he cautioned the youth to choose political leaders wisely and stay away from leaders who take their interests first, forgetting about the rights of the youth.

“In politics don’t follow someone because of their facial look, look at what they can offer politically and economically,” said Joho urging the youth to align with leaders that speak about their future and empowerment of the youth.

At the same time Information and communication, CS Joe Mucheru has urged the youth to take up elective positions and never be used by politicians for political gain. Mucheru urged the youth to take caution against new conversations about economic models.

“Don’t be cheated again, that you have no value, and be used, by some politicians for their political gain,” said Mucheru. He said politics is about realignments, youth should know where they are going as a youth, we can’t always be taken for a ride,” he added.

“He said the government has invested in the youth where about 1.2 million people are working online and earning a living,” said Mucheru.

Mucheru expressed his disappointment with the BBI verdict that he said has denied the youth a bright future, through tax initiatives that would come along with it.

“Don’t feel discouraged even after the BBI falls, the government will continue to have plans for the youth,” said Mucheru.

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