Israeli army orders 1.1m people to move to southern Gaza


The Israeli military has told civilians in Gaza City to leave their homes, says military operations will take place in the area “in the following days”.

At least 1,537 Palestinians killed and 6,612 wounded in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. The number of people killed in Israel has reached 1,300.

Progressive US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has denounced Israel’s push to remove more than 1.1 million Palestinians from northern Gaza in an apparent effort to pave the way for a ground invasion of the territory.

“Any person can see that ordering 1+ million people to move in under 24 hours is not possible. It is unacceptable,” the congresswoman wrote in a social media post.

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“The UN has already deemed the order ‘impossible’ without ‘devastating humanitarian consequences’. Humanity is at stake. Nearly half are children. We must halt this.”

“The IDF [Israeli army] calls for the evacuation of all civilians of Gaza City from their homes southwards for their own safety and protection and move to the area south of the Wadi Gaza, as shown on the map.”

“The Hamas terrorist organisation waged a war against the State of Israel and Gaza City is an area where military operations take place. This evacuation is for your own safety.”

“You will be able to return to Gaza City only when another announcement permitting it is made. Do not approach the area of the security fence with the State of Israel.”

“Hamas terrorists are hiding in Gaza City inside tunnels underneath houses and inside buildings populated with innocent Gazan civilians.”

“Civilians of Gaza City, evacuate south for your own safety and the safety of your families and distance yourself from Hamas terrorists who are using you as human shields.”

“In the following days, the IDF [Israeli army] will continue to operate significantly in Gaza City and make extensive efforts to avoid harming civilians.”

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