Implementation of the disability law an uphill task- PWDs

PWDSVision of the Blind Executive Director Hudson Karume flanked by Millicent Omondi (Right) recently. IMAGE: PETER KOMBE

People with disabilities in Mombasa County want the government to implement the PWDs law saying they have a constitutional right to access both public and private employment opportunities.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa, a former nominated member of County assembly Hudson Karume said the law is not clear on the 5 percent representation of PWDs in both public and private institutions.

The former MCA who also doubles as the Vision of the Blind Organisation says despite having a state agency for PWDs their concerns are still not adequately addressed.

“PWDs law exists. However, there is a gap. There are no clauses for the implementation of the five percent representation of PWDs. And this is quite a big challenge. The issue of employment has been left solely on the hands of employers,” said Karume.

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He claims there is a lack of political goodwill towards the matter.

Karume cites illiteracy amongst PWDs as a setback towards their economic progress.

“There is no political goodwill amongst the political class. And this is because of our little education,” said Karume.

He wants PWDs to ensure that their impact is felt in the community through their concerted efforts.

Meanwhile, Catherine Mureithi, a PWD’s lobbyist, wants the government to factor in the needs of PWDs.

He says like any other Kenyans they have a right to employment opportunities in government coffers.

What they PWD’s want is an opportunity. They have that ability to perform wonders should they get a chance,” noted Ms Mureithi.

She blamed parents saying some do not have trust towards their own PWDs children.

Ms Mureithi appealed to people with disabilities to ensure that they acquire skills to equip themselves with relevant skills on the job market.

“Most PWDs lack skills. Providing soft skills will therefore enable them to prepare them for the job market,” said Ms Muriethi.

Mr Karume Vision for the blind organisation executive director says they are recruiting over 600    PWDs aged between 18-45 years to equip them with soft skills relevant to the job market.

He says the one year program targeting PWD’s is being implemented for the first time in Mombasa county.

Already the organisation has recruited over 150 people with disability in Mombasa County.

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