Jilted lover narrates why he wanted Naomi Kipkemboi dead

NicholasNicholas Koech when he appeared before Kilifi Senior Principal Magistrate Justus Kituku on Monday

Nicholas Koech, the man suspected to have stabbed his lover, Naomi Kipkemboi has finally opened up on why he wanted her dead.

Koech 25, told Jumuiya News that he travelled to Kilifi from Nairobi to settle scores with Kipkemboi whom he has a child with-a two years old daughter.

He blamed Kipkemboi’s father for ruining their relationship.

Remorseful Koech said he acted out of love for his ‘wife’ and daughter whom he said his father in law is hell bent to see them separated.

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“Naomi is my wife and I love her very much. We started dating back in 2016 when I was in Kenyatta University doing my Bcom Accounts while she had completed her first semester. Our love blossomed and we reached a time when we decided to get a child. Naomi gave birth to our daughter on 14th April 2017,”said Koech.

He said because they were still students, their parents agreed to take care of the child until they complete their studies.

Moved on

According to Koech things changed last year after Kipkemboi started avoiding him. She even changed her phone number to avoid communications.

“She told me that she does not want our relationship and that she has moved on and she even did not want me to talk about our child. Whenever I inquired from her she could snub and tell me that my daughter is with her parents (Naomi’s father and Mother). I used to travel to visit her in Kilifi and at some point she openly told me that her father doesn’t want me to be close to him,” he added.

Determined to maintain their relationship, Koech did not give up but was ready to talk to both parents to make them understand that he needed both Chepkemboi and his daughter.

“Her father did not want to listen to me but maintained that I should stay out of her daughter’s life,” he said.

Kill self

Jilted Koech said his intention was to kill his wife and kill himself too.

“I arrived and asked Naomi if we could solve the issue once and for all but she refused. I even called his father to get his side but when I realized there was nothing positive, I said the best thing is to end our lives. I felt bitter when she returned Ksh 3, 200 I sent her last week for the child’s upkeep,” he said.

“I called my father after I stabbed her who asked me not to kill her. That is when I asked those people who had come to rescue her to call police officers to take her to hospital” he said.

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  1. You have published the wrong name of naomi. Just correct it. She is Naomi Chepkemboi

  2. Ladies they need to be taught a lesson for being unfaithful.

  3. lawyer Denis | April 15, 2019 at 8:41 pm | Reply

    Very painful,, but ladies what’s wrong with you,, I still have wan in pwani school,, she as kill my 2innoncent children’s,, without uttering aword she as changed the contacts,, only to get some threatening msgs,,2my phone after being sqounded my money,, As I came to Kenya,, then it will be known to all,, if she can bring back my money,, I’ll tried to understand,, BT if not I don’t know

  4. how many ladies are in this planet??how many people have been heart broken?how many have had more than enough kids but still divorce?some even had more complicated relationships than your!here you are narrating stories of love!what do you know about love anyway??now you wanted to kill her and yourself too…so that?you be same?what about your child left behind??what you did was very wrong.You have nothing to explain…just face the law….if i was naomi’s brother i would have sent you to hell…believe you me

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