Kilifi top performers narrate their journey to success

Top performersParents and teachers of Mariakani Junior Academy celebrate the good performance of their school

Kilifi county top performers in the recently released KCPE results have attributed discipline, hard work and determination as their driving forces to the good performance.

The county produced the second and third best candidates in the whole of the coast region.

Pupil discipline in schools that performed best in the 2019 KCPE examinations has been cited as the main reason for their success.

At Kilifi high vision academy, Rodney Isack Kahura scored 431 marks out of the possible 500 marks. Kahura was second in the coast region and top in Kilifi county.

Kahura, said he dedicated most of his time to books and was always obedient to his teachers.

“I have always been close to my teachers and parents. They have been guiding me and through their advice I have managed to score such marks,” said Kahura

In an interview Kilifi High Vision academy senior teacher Dickens Nyambok said the school has recorded an improvement from 2018 KCPE examination.

The school had 21 candidates in 2018 with a mean score of 370.14

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This year there were 30 candidates who scored a mean score of 392.5.

At second position in the county was Maxwell Nzaro Mbeo from Maereni Primary school in Kambe, Rabai Sub County. Mbeo scored 430 marks.

Mbeo narrated of hard work and dedication amidst a myriad of challenges.

“I am coming from a very poor background but I vowed not to let that background dictate my destination. Though I am in a public school, I have missed classes for lack of fees. My father who is the sole bread winner in our family is a watchman at the school and his salary cannot sustain the family with basic need leave alone paying for my school fees. I am the third born and one of my brothers is already in high school while the other completed last year,” said Mbeo.

He also narrated the days he was forced to go to school on an empty stomach when food stocks got depleted in the family.

His two brothers also performed well and were called to national schools but had to join sub county day schools due to the challenge in school fees.

Mbeo 15, said he wanted good results in KCPE and therefore he made sure that he scored not less than 400 marks in the normal tests.

“Though my father is poor he used to support me all the time by creating time for me to read at home,” he said.

He wants to join Alliance high school and be a mechanical engineer in future.

Maereni Primary school head teacher Patrick Mramba said the school did not have all the results but only for the best students.

Emmanuel Wara Tsuma was second with 368 marks and Nasra Umazi third with 347 marks.

The school had 29 candidates.

 Paul Kalama 14 Mariakani Junior Academy in Kaloleni Constituency scored 429 marks.

“I expected to score much but I am happy for what God has enabled me to get,” he said.

He wants to join Kakakmega High school and be a doctor in future.

Kalama who is single handedly being supported by his mother broke into tears and could not continue with the interview.

His mother is a fish monger at the Mariakani market. Wenwa Apondi 14 was second with 424 marks.

“My parent and teachers had done their duty and it was now a turn to show my part,” she said.

She wants to join Starehe girls’ high school and be a magistrate in future.

Top Performers
Students, teachers and parents of Twinkle starts academy in Kaloleni Giriama celebrate with their top performers on November 19th at their school.

Twinkle stars Academy Kaloleni-Giriama recorded an improvement in performance.

Head teacher Swaleh Juma said last year the school had a mean score of 339.16 with 51 candidates.

This year they had 71 candidates with a mean score of 332.39.

“The pupils have really performed well putting in mind the increase in number of the candidates we registered this year,” said Juma.

He said the school is aiming at a mean score of 400 in 2020

“We want to create the best learning atmosphere for our pupils. We want to minimize some of our co-curricular activities since we have realized that we waste a lot of time during break times. We want to spare more time for leaning,” he said

Jasmin Munga 14 was the best girl at Twinkle Stars Academy Kaloleni-Giriama with 418 marks

She wants to join Alliance girls and be an Aeronautical engineer in future.

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