Government given 4 days to test truck drivers


Kenya Long Distance Truck Drivers and Allied Workers Union has issued an ultimatum of 4 days to the government to speed up the Covid-19 tests to long distance drivers failure to which they will go to court.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Tuesday, Roman Waema the union’s national chairperson termed the health ministry as a failed docket claiming that it has failed in its mandate of testing drivers.

The drivers further threatened to boycott work should the government fail to heed their demands.

According to him, it is now three weeks since the drivers were last tested of coronavirus.

“We are in the third week today since we went through Covid19 test. This is an infringement of our constitutional rights,” Waema said.

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He claims the government is running short of testing kits but does not want to admit it.

Meanwhile, KLDTD&AWU acting secretary Sudi Mwatela claims the government has failed to deliver its mandate.

“There is no testing going on in various places. We are here today and there is no one to test us. We have reports that there is no testing going on in Malaba border, Maai Mahiu and other places,” noted Mwatela.

At the same time, Anthony Mwangi, a truck driver says the drivers have been going through hell since the pandemic was declared a national disaster.

He adds that most of them (drivers) cannot access the Kenya Ports Authority premise without the Covid-19 Certificate.

Said Mwangi “We have been going round with expired Covid-19 certificates. This makes it difficult for most of us to access the port premise.

He asked the government to declare coronavirus as ‘a no threat’ claiming that they are the only lot still at home.

Roman Waema the unions chair further notes that the union is working closely with international truck drivers in a bid to forge unity amongst all drivers.

“Some of our drivers cross borders like Sudan, Kamplala and Uganda. We ensure that they are our members so that we can all speak with one voice,” said Waema.

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