Give sanitary pads for free-women lobbyists

Sanitary pads Mama Beauty Foundation Executive director Lubna Nassir.

Women activists in Mombasa County have appealed to the national government to allocate a special kitty to cushion teenage girls with sanitary pads and other hygiene packs.

The budget according to the lobbyists will address some of the challenges facing young girls during menstruation.

Speaking to Jumuiya News in Mombasa on Sunday, Mama Beauty Foundation Executive director Lubna Nassir, said most of the girls within the county were adversely affected during the Covid-19 period due to lack of some basic commodities such as sanitary pads.

Ms Nassir claims that they (girls) fell in the hands of perpetrators due to what she terms as ravaging poverty in some families.

She, however, noted that it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their teenage girls have access to such necessities.

“The government should allocate a special budget to address the shortage of sanitary towels among young girls. Again the sanitary pads should be offered without any single pay, like condoms,” she pointed out.

Meanwhile, Likoni Aids Orphanage Centre Executive Director Dorcas Andati echoed the same sentiment saying the sanitary towels should be provided for free throughout the country.

She, however, cites corruption as a blow towards achieving the same.

“Many girls especially in the slum areas have been suffering in silence during the Covid-19 period. I ask donors and well-wishers to come in and assist us to empower the girl child,” Andati said.

She notes that Rays of Hope Girls, a sister program of the centre currently has a total of 400 girls hailing from slum areas.

“We have a total of 400 girls who have been enrolled here, our target is1000. Most of them are between the ages of 11 and 26 years.

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At the same time, Mombasa Women Economic Empowerment director Amina Abdalla urged locals to offer a hand to the mentally challenged within the county.

According to her, the mentally challenged community were largely affected by Covid-19.

“They are like any other people. They have the right to access any rights including education and health rights,” said Amina.

Rays of Hope Girls president Mwanatumu Salim cites stigma and mistreatment as some of the challenges facing young girls.

“Another challenge is that the community does not recognise the position young girls hold in society. Most of the girls lack information,” said Mwanatumu.

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  1. EVAN | December 16, 2020 at 7:56 am | Reply

    There’s new policy reforms on menstrual health sec 2(b) to Basic Education Act 2016 to give free, quality sanitary pads to all children in public schools.. this is ongoing in the education sector

  2. Team kizingo 001 | December 16, 2020 at 7:58 am | Reply

    Good work Mr Peter Kombe

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