Ganze Manager injured by rogue police officers

PoliceGanze constituency manager Emmanuel Chai addressing the media in Kilifi

Police officers in Ganze are on the spot for harassing and arbitrarily arresting residents.

This is after the Ganze constituency manager Emmanuel Chai alias Bwenyenye was beaten and seriously injured by police officers on Sunday night.

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire accused police officers of perpetuating lawlessness in the constituency.

The legislator accused police officers of maiming, harassing and stealing from innocent people in and outside the constituency.

Bwenyenye was brutally beaten and hit with a pistol on the head until he passed out for some minutes.

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This is after the manager went to enquire from the police officers about the arrest of several Jaribuni residents.

“The manager was doing his duty to ask the police on the arrest of innocent people but over 10 police officers pounced on him and severely injured him. This is uncalled for and it is becoming a norm in Ganze where residents are clobbered by police officers who are expected to offer security to the citizens. We have documented several incidences where police use excess force to intimidate residents so that they can be bribed. I want all the officers involved interdicted,” said the MP

Sub county police Commander

Ganze sub county police commander Patrick Ngeiywa said the matter is currently being investigated after Chai recorded statement.

According to chai, he received information that a contingent of police officers were arbitrarily beating and arresting people at Mwanda village in Jaribuni when he rushed to find out what was happening.

The police officers were in two police vehicles.

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“I was coming from a meeting with the sub county police commander in Ganze over the conduct of police officers in Jaribuni and the sub county at large. I took that initiative after residents wanted to demonstrate over constant harassment by police officers in the area. I left Ganze around 7pm. About 5KM from Ganze I saw one of the police vehicles and I stopped it but the driver did not stop,” said Chai

The former MCA decided to take a U-turn and followed the police to Ganze town.

“On reaching Ganze town the vehicle stopped and the officer in charge came to me and asked why I was stopping the police vehicle. As I was about to answer the officer the driver came and started shouting at me saying Bwenyenye stop your stupidity. We can take you to Karura forest where your people will never see you again. He grabbed my shirt and started beating me. He hit me on the head and the rest descended on me while I was down. They threw me in their vehicle and handcuffed my hands from behind. I lost consciousness and I regained my conscious at the police cells,” he said

He stayed in the cells while bleeding until mid-night when they released him.

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His car was towed to the station.

Revenge mission

Chai said the police went to Mwanda village on a revenge mission after a police officer was beaten up by another police officer while they were on a drinking spree in the village.

“The police officer had come home on leave. While they were drinking Mnazi in a drinking den they had a disagreement and they fought about two weeks ago. They waited until the police officer went back to his work station then they descended on the innocent villagers who were not part to the disagreement,” added Chai

During the commotion, chai claims he lost Ksh10, 000.

This is not the first time police officers are beating up residents in the area.

According to Ganze sub county Sauti ya wanawake chair lady Judith Uchi, police officers in the area have a habit of going to drinking dens before the official drinking hours and force sellers to give them alcohol.

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