Ganze MP launches Huduma Mashinani services


Ganze residents can now breathe a sigh of relief after Kilifi Huduma centre in conjunction with Ganze MP Kenneth Kazungu launched the Huduma mashinani in the area.

Speaking during the launch in Mitangani, Kazungu said most residents could not afford bus fare to Kilifi to access critical government services like birth certificates.

He said the residents of the area for a long time have been spending money to find important services including birth certificates, NHIF health insurance cards and other important services.

“I came up with this initiative because many residents were unable to get these services due to travel costs. From where we are to Kilifi it costs about Ksh 700 one way. Subjecting a resident to travel to Kilifi to get such services yet they do not have food to eat is pure mockery,” he said

Officers from Huduma centre Kilifi will be pitching tent in every location of the sub county every Friday for eight weeks.

Kilifi Huduma centre manager Charles Jura said all government services offerd at the Huduma centre will be available in all the places they visit.

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Jura said most people have not been visiting the centre for the services.

“The response so far iis good. We expect to serve over 800 people today and this is because the area is sparsely populated. The only service we are missing today is cyber caffe but next Friday in Jila we will have a cyber café so that even photocopying will be there,” he said

The residents welcomed the move and said it will dismantle the cartels hovering at the Kilifi civil registration offices.

Christopher Tongoi, a resident said sometimes people part with as much as Ksh 5000 to brokers to process birth certificates.

“When you go to Kilifi it is not a guarantee that you will get the document you need on that day. Sometimes you sleep there for over three days. There are brokers who take advantage of the situation and swindle people in the name of helping them get the documents,” he said

Elizabeth Mwaduna, said the initiative came at the right time as pupils are preparing to register for national examination.

“I have spent years applying for birth certificates for my children without success. Today the services have followed me where I am. This is commendable and hope the government will continue with this initiative,” she said

Jura said once ready all the documents will be sent to respective chiefs where the residents will pick

“We have an sms service where once the documents are ready the applicant will get an automated sms to pick the document from the chief. They will not have to pick them from Kilifi,” he added

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