Ganze MP faults governor Kingi’s proposal to castrate defilers

ganze mpKilifi governor Amason Kingi (right) with Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire during the Ganze education day on 12th July 2018

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire has faulted Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi for his proposal to castrate sexual offenders.

During the launch of 16 days of activism last week in Matsangoni, Kingi proposed that the Sexual Offences Act be amended to provide for the castration of men who defile young girls as one way of dealing with the teenage pregnancy menace. “In Saudi Arabia, if you steal your hands are chopped off; we will not joke, we shall come up with laws at the county assembly so that if we get evidence that one has impregnated a teenage girl, he is castrated in public,’’ said Kingi.

However, Mwambire on Tuesday slammed the governor saying castration will create another problem and not a solution. “Let me bet my Governor who is a close friend and my party chairman was misquoted in such assertions. In as much as we all mourn the current unbelievable acts in the society, I don’t think it’s justified to resort to such practices as a remedy in addressing the tough challenge before us as leaders” said Mwambire in a statement to journalists.

Mwambire urged the governor to wait for the findings and recommendation by a task force he forms two weeks ago before suggesting to castrate offenders. “We should ask the task force formed by the County Government of Kilifi to investigate the root cause of the higher number of teenage pregnancies to hasten their work so that we can interrogate the findings before coming up with resolved workable recommendations,”

Already the governor has banned night functions in Kilifi as a measure to curb early pregnancies. He is also mulling at banning the sell and chewing of mugukaa in the county. “If you want to effectively mitigate an escalating challenge, you shouldn’t employ tactics born out of emotions. Let’s get the root causes of the escalating teenage pregnancies in the country, analyse the utilization of the already in place legal frameworks before soberly proposing workable legislation,” added Mwambire

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