Tough times as fuel prices go up

petrol station

The Energy Regulatory Commission has reviewed fuel prices upwards, in the latest fuel adjustment announced on Thursday evening.

In the new price list, the price of super petrol was increased by Sh 1.26 per litre, diesel up by Sh 0.65 per litre and kerosene increases by Sh 2.96 per litre.

“The prices include the Value Added Tax levied as per the provisions of the Finance Act 2018,” read a statement from ERC.

The new prices will take effect tomorrow, March 15 to April 15, 2019, when the regulator will come up with new prices for the commodity.

The ERC has ascribed the upward review of the cost of fuel to an increase in average landed cost of imported products.

“The average cost on super petrol spiked by 3.71%, diesel by 2.79% and kerosene by 9.16%. We had no option but to adjust the prices upward,” read the statement

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